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You are Nehal Kumar, Head of the Computer Club in Sunshine School, Noida. Digital literacy refers to someone's ability to use digital technology to find, evaluate, create and communicate information. You believe that digital literacy and navigating the digital world responsibly is crucial in today's technology-dependent age.

Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily, in about 120 words, stressing the need for promoting digital literacy among individuals of all age groups. Discuss the benefits and challenges of digital technology, and propose initiatives to empower people with digital skills.

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Sunshine School


31 September 2024 

The Editor 

The Times 

New Delhi 

Subject: Digital Literacy is the Need of the Hour 

Dear Ma'am I am writing to highlight the crucial importance of digital literacy in today's technology-dependent age. As the Head of the Computer Club at my school, I firmly believe that digital literacy is a skill that can help every individual navigate a rapidly changing world. 

Technology and the internet have made the world smaller than ever. Digital literacy is essential to enhancing communication, creating access to resources, and equipping everyone to participate in a digital society.

However, I am also aware of the challenges that come with technology. Issues such as cybersecurity, misinformation, and online privacy present dangers. Digital literacy programs can help people navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. 

To promote digital literacy, initiatives such as community workshops for a variety of age groups, and collaborations between educational institutions and technology companies can be established. 

By focusing on digital literacy, we can empower individuals to harness the full potential of technology. 


Nehal Kumar