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You are Ishaaq Shah, of Starlight Apartments, Trivandrum. You recently read an article that stated that an average Indian wastes approximately fifty kilograms of food per year.

Write a letter to the Editor of a national daily, in about 120 words, expressing your concerns about the alarming amount of food waste in the country. Share practical ideas and suggestions for reducing food waste at home and encourage readers to distribute surplus food to those in need.

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Starlight Apartments 


30 September 2024

The Editor 

The Times 


Subject: Concern about Food Wastage


Recently, I came across an article that highlighted the shocking fact that an average Indian wastes around fifty kilograms of food annually. Considering that there are millions of people who struggle to get a single square meal each day, this amount of food waste is a grave concern that requires immediate attention. 

Every citizen can contribute towards reducing wastage. Simple practices at home such as planning meals wisely, storing food properly, and being mindful of expiry dates can be helpful. Additionally, any surplus food can be donated in a local community to those in need. This will help reduce hunger as well as food wastage. 

Together, by taking conscious steps, we can create a more mindful and compassionate society that values food and does not waste it. 

Yours sincerely, 

Ishaaq Shah