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(a) Rupal suffers from myopia. Where would the image form in her eye? 

(b) Name the type of lens that is generally used to correct myopia. 

(c) Rupal underwent cataract surgery and her eye lens was replaced with an artificial lens with a fixed focal length, made of a plastic material, silicone. State one likely visual disadvantage that Rupal is likely to experience as compared to a person who has normal eyesight. 

(d) Identify the parts of the eye labeled in the diagram from the descriptions given below by writing the labels as your answer. 

(i) It helps in changing the focal length of the lens. 

(ii) It causes most of the refraction of the light entering the eye. 

(iii) It controls the amount of light entering the eye. 

(iv) It acts as a screen on which the image is formed.

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(a) in front of the retina

(b) concave lens

(c) The person would not have the power of accommodation.

(d) (i) R

(ii) Q

(iii) P

(iv) S