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Imagine Robert Frost from A Dust of Snow met with Lencho from A Letter to God and discussed the various ways nature can influence a person's mood. Create this conversation in not more than 120 words.

You may begin this way: Lencho: As a farmer, my livelihood depends on nature and sometimes nature can be cruel

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Lencho: As a farmer, my livelihood depends on nature and sometimes nature can be cruel. Once, I was looking forward to the rain. In fact, I was hoping for it for my crops, and when it did start to rain, I was so satisfied! I even went outside in the rain to feel the rain on my skin and breathe in the sweet air. But the weather very quickly changed and the rain turned into a hailstorm and all of my crops were destroyed.

Robert Frost: I'm so sorry that happened to you. Nature can definitely be cruel, but I've noticed that it can also be full of hope. I was once having a bad day when a single flake of snow fell on me. It was so small and beautiful that it completely lifted my mood. I think the way nature influences our mood depends on a variety of factors. I felt hope because I saw the beauty in a single snowflake. But had I seen a hailstorm that destroyed a farm, I'm sure I would have been hopeless too.

Lencho: It's interesting you say that you found hope in nature. For me, I found hope and faith in God. And you're right, there are definitely a lot of factors that contribute to how nature can influence our mood.

Once the hailstorm was over my entire field was covered in a sheet of white. Anyone else seeing that may have felt it was beautiful and the view may have lifted their spirits. But since that sheet of white meant that all my hard work had gone to waste and my family would go hungry, to me, it only represented sorrow.

Robert Frost: Yes, we may not know in whether nature can influence someone's mood in a good way or a bad way, but what we do know is that nature is powerful and capable of affecting our moods and feelings.