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Read an excerpt from an article below:

Speeding towards the Unknown Self-driving cars are designed for travel without a human operator. Instead of a driver, the car will use a combination of sensors, cameras, radar, and artificial intelligence to travel between destinations. They are going to revolutionise the transport industry by enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of vehicles. However, this change is happening too rapidly, and self-driving cars pose more problems than solutions. There are several concerns with regard to the safety of such vehicles, as well as their potential impact on employment.

Write a paragraph in about 120 words analysing the argument surrounding self-driving cars. You can think about what alternative explanations might weaken the given conclusion and include rationale/evidence that would strengthen/counter the given argument.

You may begin like this: I believe self-driving cars offer more solutions than problems/I believe self driving cars offer more problems than solutions.

You may end like this: For these reasons, I believe that self-driving cars are more helpful than problematic/I believe that self-driving cars are more problematic than helpful.

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Supporting self-driving cars 

I believe self-driving cars offer more solutions than problems. Since these cars would be using the latest technology and advanced sensors and radars, they would be able to greatly reduce road accidents caused due to human error. Additionally, since people would not be actively engaged in driving, they could use their commute time for other activities. Currently, only those who have the experience and skill of driving a car can do so. But, with a self-driving car, anyone can have access to a vehicle irrespective of their skill. However, technology does also malfunction at times, which is why clear safety protocols and guidelines would need to be put in place before these cars can be on the roads. Thus, with proper regulations and planning, I believe self-driving cars can be more helpful than problematic.

Opposing self-driving cars

I believe self-driving cars offer more problems than solutions. While there are potential benefits associated with selfdriving vehicles such as reduced road accidents, there are more significant concerns. One of the main worries is the safety of selfdriving cars, as they heavily rely on complex sensors that may fail in certain scenarios. Another aspect of this safety is that like any electronic device, a car could then be hacked into and tampered with, leading to accidents. Additionally, the widespread adoption of self-driving cars may lead to job loss for millions of professional drivers, causing economic and social challenges. Moreover, the infrastructure required to support self-driving cars, such as advanced road systems may not be readily available in many regions. Therefore, I believe self-driving cars are more problematic than helpful.