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You are a member of the Cultural Society at L.J. High School. Your school is organising a cultural programme aimed at spreading awareness about environmental conservation. The programme will have dance and song performances, poetry recitation, and art exhibitions by the students throughout the day, in the school auditorium. In about 50 words, create an invitation for parents and school teachers to attend. Mention the relevant details required for an invitation.

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Card type formal invite

» uses a single sentence presentation in third-person/skips end line punctuation

» uses the simple present tense

» answers the questions: who, whom, when, where, what time, for what

» includes name and address of the organiser/host and name(s) of special invitees (if any)

» avoids adding signatures

Layout mostly pertains to the following

» name of host(s)

» standard formal and cordial expression

» purpose of invitation

» date & time of event

» venue (address)

» name of special guest(s) (if any)


» contact detail/number