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You and your parents have received an invitation for your elder cousin's wedding to be held in Jaipur on 6th and 7th July. All of you would be delighted to attend. Draft a reply to your cousin accepting the invite and sharing your excitement while congratulating him.

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Letter type informal reply 

» uses a single sentence presentation/skips end line punctuation 

» uses the simple present tense 

» answers the questions: who, whom, when, where, what time, for what 

» includes name and address of the sender and the receiver 

» avoids adding signatures

Layout mostly pertains to the following — 

» name of host(s) 

» informal expression 

» purpose of invitation 

» date & time of event 

» mention of gratitude for the invitation 

» clear statement of acceptance or rejection of invitation 

» mention of any other details as required by the prompt