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Imagine that John Keats meets someone who is feeling sad. What advice would he give to such a person?

State any one feature of beauty from 'A Thing of Beauty' and relate the advice to it.

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Beauty is immortal: There will always be beauty to find no matter what day and age we live in. You can find beauty in your day and age too, which could give you happiness.

Beauty keeps giving: Beauty's loveliness always increases. So invest in something (whether time or money) that you find beautiful and it will always give you returns in terms of joy.

Beauty can be found in many things: Nature has a lot of beauty that it offers us. Spend time in a garden or a green place to observe and experience beauty. That would bring you peace and joy.

Beauty gives us joy: It is a joy forever, so connect with beauty or try to find in whatever situation you are. It is bound to change your mood from sad to happy.