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Griffith Taylor introduced Neo determinism which reflects a middle path between the two ideas of environmental determinism and possibilism. Explain the concept Neo determinism with examples.

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Neo determinism

The concept shows that neither is there a situation of absolute necessity (environmental determinism) nor is there a condition of absolute freedom (possibilism).

It means that human beings can conquer nature by obeying it. They have to respond to the red signals and can proceed in their pursuits of development when nature permits the modifications.

It means that possibilities can be created within the limits which do not damage the environment and there is no free run without accidents.

The free run which the developed economies attempted to take has already resulted in the greenhouse effect, ozone layer depletion, global warming, receding glaciers and degrading lands.

The neo-determinism conceptually attempts to bring a balance nullifying the ‘either’ ‘or’ dichotomy.