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Analyse the main features of Amara nayaka system which was introduced in the Vijayanagar Empire.

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  • The Amara-nayaka system was a major political innovation of the Vijayanagar Empire. It is likely that many features of this system were derived from the iqta system of the Delhi Sultanate. 
  • The Amara-nayakas were military commanders who were given territories to govern by the raya. 
  • They collected taxes and other dues from peasants, crafts persons and traders in the area. They retained part of the revenue for personal use and for maintaining a stipulated contingent of horses and elephants. 
  • These contingents provided the Vijayanagara kings with an effective fighting force with which they brought the entire southern peninsula under their control. Some of the revenue was also used for the maintenance of temples and irrigation works. 
  • The Amara-nayakas sent tribute to the king annually and personally appeared in the royal court with gifts to express their loyalty. Kings occasionally asserted their control over them by transferring them from one place to another to prove their control over the Amara nayakas.

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