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“The Burdwan auction had a strange twist and was considered a big public event in 1797”, explain the statement.

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  • The East India Company had fixed the revenue that each zamindar in their territories in India had to pay. 
  • The estates of those who failed to pay the revenue, were auctioned. Raja of Burdwan had failed to pay the revenue. His estates had been put up for auction. 
  • Numerous purchasers came to the auction and the estates were sold to the highest bidder. But the Collector soon discovered a strange twist to the tale. 
  • A British collector had soon discovered that many of the purchasers were servants and agents of Raja who had bought the land on behalf of their master. 
  • Over 95 per cent of the sales at the auction was fictitious. 
  • The Raja’s estates had been publicly sold, but he remained in control of his zamindari. This incident was a strange twist in the auction of estates of Raja of Burdwan