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The martial arts apart from being sources of popular entertainment also provide training in skills required by professionals, including soldiers. India has an ancient tradition in diverse martial arts. Nearly every part of India has evolved one or the other form of a popular stick combat martial art. Analyse the statement.

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i. Lathi khela: 

a. Popular martial art in North India. 

b. Metal tipped –to ward off the enemy through various wielding techniques, steps and posturing. 

c. The wielder of the lathi is known as a lethal or lathial. 

ii. Silamabam 

a. Literally Bamboo fight 

b. Practised with Bamboo sticks 

c. Later with steel swords and shields 

d. Bamboo staff used is usually 5 feet in length and is swirled while attacking the enemy. 

e. It is one of kind of training in javelin or spear fighting. 

iii. Kuruntadi 

a. Short sticks roughly of two-palm length. 

b. Accompaniment of drums and music 

c. Each stroke is aimed at particular varnam or vital points of the human body