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It is an era of Internet and we as a netizen spend most of our time in the cyber world. Saumya, a class X student, is new to the cyber world. Help her in the following:

a. Suggest any two netiquettes, which she should follow in order to become a good netizen.

b. As the last day was approaching, so one of her friends has just submitted the science project by copying and pasting from the internet, without even acknowledging the original source. Is this the right act or wrong? Name the term which is being used for this act.

c. E-commerce is growing exponentially and so is the risk involved in it. Mention any two common E-commerce frauds in order to make Saumya aware about it.

d. Suggest her any two precautions to be taken while using E-commerce

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a. Any two netiquettes:

  • We should not violate copyright
  • We should share our expertise with others on the network

b. No its not the right act.

This act is called plagiarism.

c. Any two common E-commerce frauds:

  • Identity Theft
  • Phishing

d. Any two precautions to be taken while using Ecommerce:

  • Use updated antivirus software
  • Always ensure to check https in the web address